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Welcome to Living the Epilogue, where past is prologue and all the world’s a page.

Who is this witty wordsmith, Wendy Wetzel?

I am an editor by trade, a writer in my soul. I’m a mother, wife, Christian, and holder-together of household chaos. People like me ’cause I’m funny. They pity me because I’m a Detroit Lions fan.

I write about adoption, parenting, being a transracial family, Ethiopia, wordsmithing, youth ministry, poverty and social issues, trying to follow Jesus in a way that won’t embarrass him, and the profound absurdity of everyday life.

I am passionate about transracial adoption; social issues and advocacy; the intersection of church and culture; laughter and dreams; faith, hope, and love.

I love the crazy minds of teenagers, the great outdoors, taking photographs, laughing and making people laugh.

I believe in God the Father Almighty and in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Christian Church, the forgiveness of sins. I believe that grace has upended karma and that I am my brother’s keeper. I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am.

Who else stars in this adventure?

I live in West Michigan with my husband and daughter. Aaron is in seminary to become an ordained pastor. For the previous six years we enjoyed small town life and small church ministry as Aaron served as a youth pastor on the Oregon coast.

Our daughter AJ is best captured by the nickname The Joygirl. We adopted her from Ethiopia in 2007, and as she approaches the big four-point-oh, she never ceases to impress and entertain us with her boundless energy, natural beauty, and creative problem solving skills such as eating water with a fork.

Why Living the Epilogue?

I started blogging in 2006 to chronicle our Ethiopian adoption process. My “Born at the Right Time” blog took us through paper chasing, Aaron’s eye surgery and heart surgery, the trip of a lifetime, and my early attempts to balance this brave new world of parenting with the rest of life. And though our adoption journey is not over, we began a new chapter in 2009: moving from Oregon back to our childhood homeland of West Michigan for Aaron to start seminary.

As the wise Kermit the Frog put it, Life’s like a movie: write your own ending. But truly, the best stories never end. They are simply passed on to and through new characters. Person to person, place to place, life to lifewe are living our place in the story with no ending; the Gospel of Real Life; the living, eternal epilogue.

Won’t you join in the story? Read along, and join the conversation. We’ll write our lives together.


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