Brain Drain

I’d love to share with you all the deep thoughts swirling in my brain these days, but the problem, dear readers, is that I have none. Someone stole the plug to my brain tub and they are gone, gone, gone, sucked away into some other series of tubes.

I’m not keeping up well with all you prolific NaBloPoMoers, let alone the hottest news and trends from the world at large. I’m sure I had an original, world-outside-these-walls thought last week, but even I probably wouldn’t care any more if I could remember it, and it certainly would no longer be a “current” event.

Some days it’s classic mommybrain, the condition of a previously intelligent woman’s vocabulary and attention span being lowered to roughly that of their child via the sheer repetition of potty-related conversations and the stupidity-inducing tone of Elmo’s voice.

But right now I’m also experiencing more brain drain than usual from my work: I am three weeks into a project that is much longer, more complex, more important to get right (not that there are any small authors, only short books), and more in depth than my usual projects. I’m grateful to be doing it, but it requires the full range of my editorial superpowers for as many hours a day as I can stay sharp, lest I still be working on the project when my child finally leaves the house and gives me my brain cells back.

Also, it’s Thursday. “I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” Aaron is at his internship long after AJ’s bedtime, which means is an awfully long day for him and a full dawn-to-dark work/kid on my own day for me too. Me talk gibberish by 9:00.

The happy news (besides that NaBloPoMo is almost over so I won’t feel the need to publish these excuses anymore) is that Aaron has all of next week off for Thanksgiving. Sure, he’ll have to study and I’ll have to work (a lot!), but there will be snooze alarms and breakfasts together, family dinners and football games, pies baking in the oven and our favorite college girl crashing on our couch. And if that doesn’t refresh the brain, it certainly refills the heart.

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