Brown and Yellow P-Words

Everyone_PoopsWarning to my friend Jem, in whose presence we are not allowed to utter “brown or yellow words,” and all others who fear and loathe descriptions of all things bathroom-related: this blog has a potty (training) mouth today.

We have been living in potty training central for a few weeks now. We had been trying to get AJ started for a while, but she was resisting (though not as vigorously as she was protesting diaper changes). Then one week she went to my parents’ house for a night and came back from that Bathroom Boot Camp full of the enthusiasm borne of finally understanding that yes, you really do get an M&M! right now! every time you go! And two for #2!

She’s been doing really well since it all clicked, and oh yes, she is proud of herself. She will tell you and anyone else about (here come the words) potty, pee, poop, M&M&M&Ms, Elmo underwear, how much, how big, how fragrant, etc. Recently Aaron came home for lunch and got this as soon as he opened the door:

“Dadadadadada Nanananana pee poop potty poop BIG POOP!

(On second thought he skipped lunch.)

As a result I have been spending a lot of time at the top of the stairs outside the bathroom (where the little potty is) waiting for results; in the bathroom reminding her that 47 gallons of water is enough hand washing already; and yelling those only-in-parenting gems like Get your wet naked butt off daddy’s pillow!

But it’s worth it since we’re using far fewer diapers–she is able to go diaperless unless she’s sleeping or on a long journey–which means less laundry/expense, plus we are extending the life of her pants and pjs now that she doesn’t have fat cloth diapers.

And she’s already better at math than I am: “Onnnnnnnne Mmenmememem pee, twoooooo Mmenmememem poop, Nana treeee memenmememems, Mommy. TREEEEEE.”

It’s a real-life story problem. And she always shows her work.

3 thoughts on “Brown and Yellow P-Words

  1. Oh this is FUNNY!!!! And I have absolutely no advice or thoughts to share as my mother potty-trained all three boys — RII in two days. My follow-up to the 2 day training was “If you pee or poop in your pants, I will spank you.” You are, of corse, far more humane about this than either my mother or I was. :)

  2. re: Get your wet naked butt off daddy’s pillow!

    I…I have no idea what you’re talking about…

    Tobo has just discovered how much fun it is to be shirtless, pantless and diaperless if he’s quick. Ah toddlers….

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