Buying Time with Bullets

  • Aaron’s semester is halfway over, with a 2-day break from class.
  • Work is good. We finished a huge project–huge like the equivalent of spending an hour a day for a full year of my life huge.
  • Saturday my two cousins (from CA and Chicago), my aunt, and my grandparents gathered at my parents’ farm to celebrate Grandma’s 87th birthday next week.
  • My mom surprised my grandpa with spiral bound copies of the stories he had written out in a journal of his time on a PT boat in WWII. I helped her learn the fine art of not typing every written page in a separate document (no we will not ever let you live this down, Mom). I think he was very pleased at the surprise. We all got autographed copies.
  • Michigan fall is gorgeous right now. Saturday at the farm we cousins went for a long walk in the woods and down the country road. That is a hint of heaven.
  • AJ is more than ready for Halloween. I will keep her costume a surprise for now, but I must say it is Practically Perfect in Every Way!

3 thoughts on “Buying Time with Bullets

  1. What a fun afternoon- especially our few minutes of cousin time sans parents! Look forward to seeing you again around Christmas.

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