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“Pastor Aaron” (and a Summary)

“Pastor Aaron.”

That’s what some people have been calling that guy who lives with me. And they don’t even seem to be joking.

And it’s true–it’s really, really true!

Aaron has accepted a call to a church in Grand Rapids.* He will be ordained on Sunday, August 26 at 4:00 p.m. at the new church. Come one come all! I’m sure to be a blubbering mess of tears, plus there’ll be cake or equivalent delights.

He got the call about the call just before we moved from Tuliptown to GR, but it worked out better to do ordination after our impending trip to Oregon and for Aaron’s first official Sunday to be September 2 9. He did preach a week as pulpit supply, so we were able to go to the church again a few weeks ago. We’ve begun putting names and faces and relatives together, finding out who’s been googlestalking us (Hi Steve!), confusing ourselves and others by our temporary confusion about what place we mean when we say “our church,” and getting to know a few people (Hi again and thanks, Steve and fam!). Aaron has been starting on sermon prep and meeting with a few people too. He has however, been instructed by Classis not to work too hard, since it’s a part-time position. Take up your cross and follow but be sure to take frequent water breaks, or something like that.

We were a bit frustrated/disappointed when we tried to find a house to rent near the church and just couldn’t. So we are staying here near our church our old church Fourth Church and our good friends, where the rent is low and the floors are hardwood and hey, the neighbors only have 22 cats; that seems reasonable. Seriously, though, the house will work out fine for this year, and we’ll see how things look in the spring/summer. Friends as neighbors has been such a blessing (especially for Aaron who has been home with little miss whatcanIdoooooo? every day).

What else? Let me explain. No, is no time. Let me sum up (copied from a hasty email to a friend, so pardon the complete lack of editorial correctness!):

  • we moved out of Red Bricks into house by our (current/”old” church), on the hottest day possible
  • we looked for a house to rent closer to the church but were frustrated, could not find one that was decent for a semi-reasonable price, so we decided to forget it and stay here until spring/summer when it seems the rentals all turn over b/c of all the students…and we will see how it is going w/ the church too
  • so we finally started to unpack and settle in
  • and I narrowly avoiding killing anyone as it was 90s and humid practically every day and we have no air except a window unit we got working just in time (no way could I survive in Florida, sorry!)
  • Aaron had his meeting/interview with Classis
  • they finally set ordination service date–August 26
  • so I moved up our return from Oregon by a day, to the 24th!
  • work has continued to be busy busy esp since I will be gone for 2 full weeks after this week, for the trip to Oregon–I am going to a writer’s conference with my acquisitions mentor, then vacationing w/ the fam in our old town, plus up to WA to see friends
  • I had a good 6 inches cut off Anna’s hair because it was all just too much to manage (seriously probably 15 inches long). it’s short! but cute. she had it straightened for the first time when cut which was adorable and she loved it–but it lasted only hours b/c she was out an about with my mom in super humidity and I think some water splashing may have been involved and it went POOF! poor dear never even got to show it off.
  • and my parents bought a cottage up north! so we went up last week for a few days. It is a nice place on a quiet little lake near Sleeping Bear Dunes–heavenly!!!
  • Aaron’s first official Sunday as a pastor(!) is Sept 2 9.

That cover about 90 percent of the crazy. But are we ready for . . . church crazy? Yep, here I am, send me . . . the pastor’s wife?!?!?!

See you at ordination, I hope, if by then you’ve stopped laughing.


* I’m not sure yet if I’ll name the church on this blog. Maybe it needs a nickname. The MaxwellHouse of Worship?