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Black (Hair) Friday

Missed my blog post on Saturday, darn it! This is because I did, predictably, pack almost too much into Saturday–after staying up late Friday shopping online for . . . what else? . . . hair products!

Several sites for products I either like or wanted to try had big black Friday sales, and if you have a little natural you know good hair products are almost as expensive as they are natural. I hadn’t purchased anything in a long time, though, since her stylist hinted that it might be better to stick with a couple things that work well together and I already had too much of a mish-mash stockpile. Then seemingly overnight I was on the last dregs of things. Danger!

We got home pretty late from super fun times with super old friends, so I was racing the clock for the deals that ended at midnight Friday. Some companies are extending their deals through Monday, though, so there’s still time to stock and save! ( has a post listing all the sites with sales.)

I managed to limit my purchases (for now) to Darcy’s Botanicals and Bee Mine, the latter of which is new to me. I was tempted to reload on Oyin Handmade and try some Blended Beauty stuff . . . but then I’d be back to too many different things again. I can get Kinky Curly at Target. I know this sounds crazy to some of you but I really don’t use a ton of products. Honestly I should probably use more to make styles last longer and to give AJ more moisture now that the air’s so dry. I hope I hit on a  great combination of new stuff. And although the products are expensive, they usually last quite a while, and I have had money sitting in PayPal for a long time for work I’ve done on the side, so it’s kind of like a secret hair products slush fund. Or it was until I discovered that Land’s End takes PayPal. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?! LAND’S END TAKES PAYPAL!

Be afraid, Mr. Postman. Be very afraid.

But please also be fast!