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We Love a Parade!

AJ and I went downtown tonight for the annual Parade of Lights to kick off the Christmas season in Tuliptown. Weathermen were threatening a rain/snow mix, but it was nothing but chilly, so we bundled up and skipped the few blocks down the street to join the crowd. This parade features many random local businesses, marching bands, etc., covered in or wearing Christmas lights in whatever fashion possible. My favorite two years ago was a well-lit tanning bed.

bellsonbobcatsringAJ liked the Grinch, the sled dogs, the marching band, Santa and his fake snow machine, and anyone with candy. I liked the hot air balloon flame-shooter, the Bobcat with reindeer extending 30 feet in front of it, and the motorized buggy advertising the “Amish Warehouse.”

But mostly I love that my little girl loves to go do things with me and is always up for a celebration. She was sweeter than the hot cocoa we shared tonight!


A Summer Funny

I was thinking about times AJ has mispronounced something or used the wrong word with hilarious results, and this tale should not remain untold:

One day this summer Aaron had hurt his sciatic nerve (thigh/rear) so badly that he was sitting on a heating pad. Even though it was about 90 degrees and humid outside and thus 105 degrees in our upstairs office. So he took the unusual for him step of taking off his shirt.

AJ walked in, marched up to him, dropped whatever she was holding, put her hands on her hips, stared with her mouth wide open, and then admonished:


He looked at her. “What?”

She pointed at him. “PUH-WIV-A-CY!!!!”

When I collected myself, I clarified, “I think you mean modesty, honey.”

At least she is learning that concept!

What funny mix-ups have you heard?