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A Bagful of Sugar

Winter coat: $20

Hat and bag: $2.99

Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way!

mplogo IMG_1932

I loved this costume and so did AJ. We got Mary Poppins from the library about a month before Halloween and she right away agreed to dress up as Ms. P. Once I found the coat I knew it’d be great (plus she can be cute in it all winter). She was adamant that Aaron should be Bert, but lucky for him a striped jacket is harder to find. My mom whipped up the skirt out of flannel and found the perfect umbrella. The Joygirl looked rather like an old lady on her way to church!

“Spit spot!”


The college just behind us does trick-or-treating in the dorms, which is an awesome way to score a lot of candy in a short period of time. The girls especially were oooooohing and awwwwwwing over Ms. Mary P., which equals lots of generous handouts. The funniest thing was that AJ wanted to stop and zip her carpet bag closed after every piece of candy, and of course that meant stopping and struggling with it . . . then walking 20 feet to the next person down the hall and struggling to open it! We tried to convince her she did not need to zip it, but she didn’t want to lose any candy. No worries–she got a plenty big bagful of sugar to help the medicine go down!