Darn That African Spanish Accent

A couple five- and six-year-old girls were visiting some of our neighbors the other day.  We were getting dinner ready, but our neighbors were outside, so the Joygirl was out playing with the other girls (well, following them around, anyway). Joygirl did keep coming back in to see us, then going out again. One round the girls came up and had this conversation with Aaron:

Girl: She’s black.

Aaron: Yep, she has black skin.

Girl: Why?

Aaron: Why is she black? [Let’s assume this question is mostly about why she’s black and we’re not.] Well, we actually adopted her. She’s from another country, in Africa….

A little bit later they were back at the door.

Girl 1: I can’t understand her when she talks.

Aaron: Yeah…She’s only two. She’s still working on learning to talk.

Girl 2: It’s because she’s Spanish!

Aaron: Spanish? Oh, no, she’s not speaking Spanish. She’s just not that good at talking yet.

Girl 1: It’s because she’s from another country!

Aaron: No, not really…

Darn that pesky African Spanish accent!

5 thoughts on “Darn That African Spanish Accent

  1. We always had people asking whether Roman spoke Russian or not (at the age of 12-24 months). Kind of like, even though we speak English in our home, of COURSE because he was from Russia, he automatically knew Russian. I wish.

  2. :)Sorry our guest’s children asked such silly questions. That sort of goes with the territory in an area where Dutch Bingo is the status quo. Aaron was very gracious in his response.

  3. No worries—believe me, it comes with the territory a lot of places (like the grocery store, church, restaurants…). But “She’s Spanish” was a new and amusing one!

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