Dispatch from the Porch

We spent a nice hot Memorial Day with old friends. AJ ate hot dogs three days in a row at three different cookouts–once a second hot dog as a side to a dish of ice cream–and requested them again (“No!”). The ice cream truck makes its rounds. The sprinkler has been played in. We’ve made popsicles. We’ve gone to the farmer’s market. We knock off work early on Fridays. It is officially summer.

I am in love with this house’s porch. Its closets, not so much. But oh, the porch. In the future I must have a porch. Does heaven have a porch? (Am I on it right now?)

Although the porch and I instantly bonded, the first little while in this borrowed house was a little shaky. It is just weird being in someone else’s house no matter what. Our things aren’t where they usually are, we didn’t know where they keep things, our routines were off, we were bumping into each other all the time–we just felt unsettled. The first week I also flooded the basement, broke the door blind, and knocked off the bathroom towel rack just barely one time short of a homicide. I mean, the thing was making me PSYCHO. Aaron got so scared he actually fixed it.

Thankfully all these things have been restored to proper working order and we’ve all sort of found our rhythm again, I think. Aaron also preached the first weekend we were here, so he was also jumping right in under some pressure, but he is finding a groove with his internship and sermon prep. He is making himself prepare a sermon every week even if not preaching, to learn to do it in less time.

Walking to church is divine!

AJ is enjoying her days with “the nanny” aka “Crazy Aunt” Chatterbox, who is for her part enjoying when the neighbor girls come over to play with AJ. In her off hours she has read approximately 87 books. This week.

My favorite part is my twelve-minute commute. Ahhhh. Going back to 45 is going to stink!

We have made a couple trips back to Tuliptown, on one weekend and for me a couple weekdays to take AJ to speech. I also visited a couple preschools and found one I like for her to be at all day five days, although I still have not found the elusive buried treasure we will need to pay for it. I’m telling myself all this extreme commuting and child care will be for less than one more year! Then I’m finding myself a nice porch from which I can watch her board the public school bus before I zip off on my twelve-minute commute.

2 thoughts on “Dispatch from the Porch

  1. I love porches too. AND — Ive got to get Brett’s schedule with the other princesses (he has them ever other week for the whole week for the summer) and THEN I will schedule swimming lessons for all 3 of my pre-school age grand-daughters (I should get a discount on this and may teach them myself). It will be AM’s and I will, of course, clear this time with you first.

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