Double-Stop Shopping

In an attempt to have enough food in the house to get us through the weekend and beginning of next week without going near a store within 48 hours on either side of Thanksgiving . . . I did double grocery shopping tonight. I hit the new Aldi, a bare-bones discount store, and then Meijer. Whew. That was a couple hours and a bunch of bucks, although considering we are having people over and I tend to get out of control for events (I wonder where I learned this, ahem, Mom), it could have been worse had I not knocked a bunch off the list at Aldi. I am still learning what they have there at good prices that we like, so I need to keep Aldi-ing regularly to learn how to make the most of it.

Generally I do not like to run from store to store, though. I usually end up going on Saturdays during AJ’s nap, and frankly it wastes enough of my Saturday hitting one store. I should try to go on weeknights more, although it seems so late and I’m exhausted by the time I get it all put away. I know it’s possible to figure out the store sale cycles and get the good deals every week at each store, but that does take some planning and extra time.

I also should be using coupons more–okay, I hardly ever use them. Again mostly it’s a matter of figuring out a system. But it has to be pretty simple or I’m not going to do it. I’m also not interested in stockpiling a basement full of canned goods, although it’s nice to have the things I use regularly on hand.

I guess there’s sort of two philosophies of grocery shopping: (1) plan your meals for the week or month, and only buy what you need for those meals; or (2) buy what you use regularly when it’s cheapest and stock it until you use it. I guess I have been doing sort of a hybrid. I plan meals for the week because otherwise this house would not function (or be fed, anyway), and make sure I have/buy what I need for the week. But I also buy things I know I’ll use when I see them on sale, leading to a certain amount of canned goods and cream cheese stockpiling.

What’s your system? Any couponing or other grocery saving tips? Simple resources you’ve tried?

3 thoughts on “Double-Stop Shopping

  1. The new Aldi’s is really nice, and we have good luck there. Although I do not get everything there. I also hate going to several different stores, but have decided it is a necessity.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you do a doggone good job of shopping cheap and easy! I have a motto to never buy at full price the things we use all the time! Also, go through the Meijer add when making your list to see what’s on sale –it’s too distracting to do it at the store. * items on your list that have a coupon. Sort coupons by type ie food, cleaning etc. Target takes coupons and often has the best prices on health & beauty, & cleaning supplies :)

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