It’s 8:12 pm and I have zero energy. I know it’s because I was up really, really irresponsibly late last night (having way too much totally worth it enjoyable conversation and laughter). But many days I am just done by AJ’s bedtime–can it be mine? Of course I’m not bright enough to actually go to bed extra early. Then when would I waste time online take care of all the important things to be done?

I know I don’t have any less time in my day than anyone else. It feels like it sometimes, though, because I’m so mentally worthless after dark. And I’m already getting up in the dark, barely after 5:30. There are things I would like to build into my life, but when? I just can’t get up one single minute earlier. Until the snow gets bad, when I’ll have to. Bah.

I know I need to make better use of these couple evening hours, and I know I am not always as tired as I am tonight. It’s often a matter of momentum too–applying energy creates energy, or getting started keeps me going. Kind of the same theory that’s making me blog right now. (Well, that and stubbornness.)

And now that I’ve stared at this screen for ten minutes while my mind totally zoned out from any coherent thought I was going to add . . . I think I’ve made my point!

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