Everybody Needs a Little Time Away

Sorry I’ve been gone. We’ve had a lot of comings and goings. Two weekends ago we went up north with my parents to enjoy a little bit more summer, lots of food, swimming, cards, and a really really big sand dune. AJ out-swam and out-climbed us all.

Then Aaron took off by himself for a spiritual retreat at a monastery about an hour away. This was to make up for the class retreat he missed in January. He was a little nervous he might offend some uptight monks somehow, but he really enjoyed it.

He got back just in time for the seminary picnic to welcome all the new and returning students. My friend E. also kicked off a group for the spouses of seminary students, which I think was much needed and will be much appreciated by those who take part. Friday was the all-seminary (and families) retreat day at a nearby camp with a sweet pool open in the afternoon (AJ can tell you what happens if you get cocky and step from the wading pool into the big pool without swimmies–lesson learned, I hope!). I really enjoyed the retreat this year and feel like I know a lot more seminary people now, although the new incoming class is huge so there are many I haven’t met.

It feels much different being on the “experienced” side of a seminary year. It’s fun getting to know new neighbors and their kids who play with ours on the big playground behind our houses. It’s nice knowing better what to expect from the year: I wrote on the calendar for August 30 “Classes start/Aaron freak out.” I sometimes have the urge to gather some of these innocent, fresh-from-college newlyweds and shelter their tender hearts from the onslaught that’s about to hit them! Of course each will have to find their own way, but I hope  I can offer someone the encouragement they need on the day they’re bursting into tears, like further-along friends did for me last year. I know we’re going to need that encouragement and support ourselves too, but it feels like a different role in the community somehow.

This semester’s workload for Aaron is looking like no less of a doozy than last year’s, though. He is trying to keep his freak-outs under control, but they’re in there jabbering at his brain This is impossible. This is impossible. This is impossible. Still, it seems possible he’ll really like some of his classes. And in 15 weeks, he’ll be halfway done with seminary!

As you’re praying (please) for his studies, please also continue to pray for his eye. His actual doctor (the kind, calm one, not Dr. FreakYouOut) is willing to do the surgery if he finds the partially dislocated eye too difficult to live with, but there is risk. We could decide at his October appointment whether to schedule the surgery for Christmas break or not.

This weekend, because we hadn’t had enough time away lately(?!), we are going camping with our church at a summer camp. This is an annual tradition but our first time. It should be good hang-out time (when Aaron’s not studying) and AJ loved camping earlier this summer.

After that we will be really READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! Go Lions! And go Suh-Nami Zone, our first ever fantasy football team! We had our draft party last weekend and it was a blast even though we only kind of knew what we were doing. Chatterbox came all the way from Oregon just to babysit for the day! Okay, no, she came to go back to college, but we put her to good use while we had her for a few days between her arrival and her dorm opening tonight. We are so happy to see her loving school and so proud of her. And so glad she does dishes.

Wow, that was a long blog. Behold the power of the early bedtime! I mean for AJ, now that the school routine has started, although honestly I feel ready to follow suit. Goodnight, my friends.

3 thoughts on “Everybody Needs a Little Time Away

  1. I now have a Chicago song stuck in my head from your title. Thanks a lot! (Actually, I really love Chicago and don’t mind the song…just wish I had the CD so I could actually listen to it!) Let the chaos of the fall begin, huh? We’re feeling it too.

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