False Eye-larm

Uh, semi-false alarm. Now I remember why there are specialists.

Aaron’s retinal specialist today said he doesn’t think he needs to do surgery right now. He says it appears at least one of the sutures holding in the lens implant broke, so it did slip down, but it is not flopping around in there like the other guy made it sound. He feels it’s better to leave it in there than to do surgery–unless Aaron really cannot see well enough with it where it is. The doctor feels he may adapt to this somewhat and we should give it some time.

So that’s a relief, mostly for me, because I won’t lie, I was just about ill with dread at the prospect of surgery. But it is still so frustrating for Aaron because he still has the double vision effect when he looks down, and it’s coming up on time for him to do a lot of reading/studying/typing. And of course if the lens slips further into a bad position it would need to come out. That could really ruin a semester.

So please continue to pray for us:

  • that Aaron’s vision rapidly improves, whether by the lens shifting just slightly or the brain somehow looking around it, so that he is able to do what he needs to do and avoid surgery, forever
  • that his glasses are adjusted to the best possible fit
  • that his retina continue to be protected, forever

Thank you all for your care and prayers.



Oh yes, and pray: that I can stay off of Facebook, forever. Ha!

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