Free Bonus Saturday

Yesterday we spent our Thanksgiving with my parents (at their house), my Grandma H., my aunt B., and Shaylala. Of course we had the pre-lunch of cheese and crackers, dips, veggies, etc., then watched a good half a football game before the perfectly timed (Yay, Mom!) Thanksgiving feast. AJ likes the word feast–“Tomorrow are we going to Grandma’s for the feast?” Then we watched a sad half a football game and drowned our sorrows in pie. It was a nice relaxed afternoon (until the napless one started melting down at heading-home time, anyway).

Today AJ scared me to half to death by coming and leaning on me while I was sleeping, but I got a few extra Zs anyway. We didn’t do much in the morning except go the Christmas market downtown for a bit, which was probably a bad plan because I got a late start on her hair. It had been in twists, then in a twist-out since Sunday. ERROR–it was kind of a mess and so the whole washing and detangling process took much longer than I’d hoped. I also started braiding without much of a plan, so I ended up with a bunch of box braids which also took forever. Which meant a late/short naptime for her and not much day left for me to accomplish anything else. But that’s okay, because tonight we are going to hang out with old friends, and tomorrow I should have time to clean up the house before we have seminary people over. I don’t think I’ll get any shopping in this weekend except to order some badly needed hair products that are on sale.

Thank goodness for Free Bonus Saturdays!

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