Freedom Night 2009

A Declaration:

Wherefore, in recognition that AJ “Joygirl” Wetzel was adopted unto this family in July 2007, fully two years plus two months prior to this date in 2009, and in acknowledgment of said child’s mother’s faithful presence as she slept each and every night from that day hence, I hereby release her into the loving and more patient arms of her maternal grandparents for the duration of the overnight period and do boldly and with great thanksgiving declare September 8, 2009, my first and most joyous parental FREEDOM NIGHT.

Wendy M. Wetzel, Mayor of Crazymomneedsabreakville

Yep, our daughter is spending the night without me for the first time ever. I have not been apart from her one. single. night. In over two years.

No wonder I am insane!

Aaron has gone on trips and been away from her, but I’ve never gone anywhere without her/them, and it never worked out for us to both leave her. You just can’t really do that when you don’t have family nearby, especially if your friends aren’t really kid-equipped. She was put to bed by babysitters only a few times too.

Two years is a lot of bedtimes and breakfasts. What will I do with my uninterrupted 8:00 p.m. and a.m. hours? (Uh, don’t worry. I’ll think of something.)

Today after the Joygirl skipped off with Grandma, Aaron came home and then left again and kind of slammed the door on his way out. I thought, “Shhhhhhhh!” . . . then, “Oh yeah—she’s not sleeping—she’s not here!” Perhaps we will stay up late playing profanity-laced music at high volume and then have cookies and ice cream for breakfast. Just because we can.

Freedom Night, baby. God bless America—and the grandparents.

7 thoughts on “Freedom Night 2009

  1. woot! Enjoy it! Though I am not an overly jealous person, I am envious. 😀 Well, off to wake the boy chick.

  2. I’ve done it twice, each time just away overnight. By morning I’m usually ready to see my punk again. Enjoy your ice cream for breakfast!

  3. Good for you!! (and I volunteer for the babysitting over-night or morning/afternoon/day (Did I just SAY that!!??!) also). Love the Declaration, loove the blog, check it daily.

    I think it is good that 1) You are taking a night off, 2) that you hung in there for 2 years — in that order! My mother NEVER left us with anyone for 2-3 years, then only for a brief time, until we were well into our pre-teen years (we just might learn another way to live/be/act…) and I left the boys as often as I could pay a sitter/ find a family member to watch them/ leave them on their own (shameful, I know). Hmmm, they all seem alright…

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