Hand Surgery Report

Aaron’s wrist surgery went fine. They were saying it could be a 3- or 4-hour surgery if they had to go in on the underside and then also the top of the wrist, but it ended up being the 1 1/2-hour, one-side version, so I guess that’s good. We hope and pray that the screw plus scar tissue hold the wrist stable for ever and ever amen so he never has to go through this again.

The pain has been bad at times, but overall it’s getting more manageable as the swelling goes down and when the Vicodin levels are right. But he doesn’t like its side effects so we hope he won’t need it all the time for long.

AJ got some extra time with me yesterday since I’ve been home and trying to keep her out of Aaron’s space. An extra fake Saturday was probably good since she’s been hungry for mommy time since I went back to work, I think. We made waffles and cut fruit and made a second attempt to get all the sand she dumped on her head Monday at daycare out of her hair (so imbedded! Thinking of sending a swim cap on potential sandbox days.). But I’ve gotten almost no work done at home and this evening we have a wedding to attend–AJ has been asking to put on her dress since yesterday–but before the reception we are shipping her to Grandma and Papa’s for the night. Maybe that will help me get/feel caught up and rested. It won’t last long, of course, because you know I’m going to stay up hours past bedtime for the LOST finale extravaganza shenanigans Sunday. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.ANY.LONGER!

Time to go get unschlumpadinkaed in honor of the lovebirds K and E!

One thought on “Hand Surgery Report

  1. Well that’s great news!
    Hopefully he’ll be back in tip-top shape by the time we meet this summer.
    I don’t know how I’d take it if he was even worse at playing games haha.
    Love and miss you guys sooo much.
    Can’t wait till you come home!!

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