Here Eye Go Again

I think I’ve written this post before. It sucks.

Aaron is going to have eye surgery soon. He only has vision in his right eye (due to retinal detachment in the left, years ago). So while we kind of took it in stride when we found out–because hey, what’s one more hospital trip this year?–the reality is that this is a big, scary, pain in the ā€”ā€” deal.

In 2006 he had an artifical lens implanted in his right eye. On Wednesday it fell out, basically. Aaron and our friend B.McD were going to take the kids to the beach, but as they were leaving Aaron felt like his contact was messed up. He couldn’t fix it, couldn’t fix it, and realized he couldn’t see anything with his glasses on either. A neighbor friend took him to the hospital and B. heroically insanely took all the kids to the beach anyway. The hospital sent Aaron to a nearby opthalmologist, where I met him.

The doctor seemed almost a bit too excited when he was able to confirm his theory: Aaron’s lens had dislocated and slipped down toward the bottom of his eye, so he was able to see pretty well looking straight ahead some of the time but had bad double vision especially when looking down because the lens would sort of float into his line of vision. The doctor said the lens possibly came loose because Aaron’s eye shape has changed quite a bit–his prescription actually went from a positive to a negative! This would be unusual for most of us but is not so unusual for someone with Marfan Syndrome, because it makes tissues stretchy, and the gas permeable contacts he was wearing may have contributed.

They’ll have to take the lens out of there, but this doctor thinks they won’t put in a new one because now he is actually seeing better without a lens than he was with the implant. Crazy. Tuesday he will see the vitreo/retinal specialist who will do the surgery, and we’ll see what he says about a new implant. Aaron did get new glasses with this new prescription Friday, so he can see and drive again in the meantime, although sometimes he still gets the double vision.

Please pray for all the doctors’ wisdom and for the upcoming surgery, which will probably be early next week, and that his retina is protected while the lens is floating around in there. I’ll let you know after Tuesday what the plan is.*


*Dangitall, am I going to have to get on Facebook too?!

8 thoughts on “Here Eye Go Again

  1. AARRRGGGHHHHH! I’m so tired of the Mar-Fan s—!
    On a happier note…sure did enjoy Saturday on the boat! And, yes, Facebook would be in order….

  2. Way to go B.!
    We’ll be praying for Aaron and his doctors.
    Um, and YES to Facebook! I do believe your fan club passed 50 a while ago…

  3. Wendy you have a Facebook! I am still awaiting friend confirmation, by the way. I’m beginning to think you don’t like me!

  4. Why can’t anything just go smoothly for the poor guy? I mean, at least let’s try to go a whole year without any drama, ok? Praying for Aaron and for the fam…and by golly, please get on FB! My friend request is dangling out there like a hanging chad!

  5. Kevin, you and 210 other people…
    But Ren, you may just get me for successfully using “hanging chad” in a sentence, on an election eve no less.

    Thanks for your support, y’all.

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