Law of the Land

It is true:

My family will never be uninsured again.

Even if we lose a job.

Even if I freelance.

Even if we move to another state.

Even if we have conditions, preexisting and not yet known.

It is the law of the land.

(Funny, I don’t feel less free.)

Thank you, citizens who said yes we want this. Thank you, community organizers. Thank you, members of Congress who fought for this for years and members who made tough decisions in the end.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Thank you, America.

5 thoughts on “Law of the Land

  1. I know. I woke up this morning feeling all optimistic! We’re moving back to the US from Canada (where we enjoy good, affordable health care) and were told by Blue Cross that our children won’t be covered due to, basically, being twins and having been born in Ethiopia. Needless to say, we were up until midnight watching the voting. It’s not perfect for sure, and it definitely isn’t as good as what we have here, but at least we have hope that our babies will be covered.

  2. AMEN…AMEN…AMEN!!! Now 32 million people will be able to get affordable health insurance, that is reason to rejoice!!!!

  3. Kevin, I have not seen Sicko yet. It probably would make me, well, sick–until now, maybe.

    Alana, in theory (and I believe by federal law) insurance companies have to treat your adopted children as if they were born to you–although of course some try to avoid this. Just one more thing that makes it harder for people to adopt. I did read though that the health care bill included an increase in the adoption tax credit AND best of all made it refundable!

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