On Her 4th Year of Christmas

AJ was awesome fun at Christmas this year. Four is the best (so far anyway) because she makes this face for every single amazing, wonderful, unbelievable, ohhhhhhh (inhale) my goodness! present:

oh my

She and her almost-three cousin were also great fun together. They have opposite personalities–drama girl wants the next present immediately, thinker boy wants to sit and examine the first one for a while–but know how to come together for a good ol’ fashioned paper leaf throw or horseback Papa ride.

paper leaves

papa horse 2

Could these grandparents be any happier?

Christmas Eve was a nice day with all three of us plus Chatterbox (closed dorm refuge at our house during the holidays) hanging around home. We went to a big local church in the evening and then did our family traditions: AJ gets to open an ornament and new pajamas, and Aaron reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.Wetzels Xmas eve 1 new jams 1

AJ Shaylala reading Twas

Christmas morning the cookies were gone (hmm) and the stockings were full. AJ questioned everyone thoroughly as to whether we had heard Santa while we were sleeping. We had a nice breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. AJ got a new doll, a tea set, and a Wii game. We all got our stockings filled mostly with sugary delights and toothbrushes and such to counteract them. “Hygiene for the Holidays!”

Then we went over to Aaron’s parents’ house to gather with his brothers and later on aunts and uncles and so on. Traditions have changed in the last few years with the passing of both grandparents, but we seem to be settling into new ones. We do just a few gifts but plenty of food all day, and lots of just hanging out around the table or playing Wii.

AJ and Grandma M Xmas 2010

A girl and her grandma!

It was a long day for AJ but she kept her energy going until the second she was in bed with lights out. The next day we had church and then a big annual Christmas party with friends and she was a champ all through that too. Monday was recovery day! But also get the tree out day, because it was the worst needle-shedder ever. We have a nice cozy new arrangement and oh the SHINY of our new TV which was our gift to ourselves from now to infinity and beyond forever and ever amen. If Aaron gets to watch the Lions win their 4th in a row on it tomorrow he may just about keel over with joy!

We’ve had a very nice New Year’s weekend too, filled with many wonderful friends and foods. I think I am in denial about going back to work 5 days next week and that Aaron leaves for his school intercultural immersion trip/class pre-dawn Wednesday. He will be in Tucson/Mexico for 10 days with a border ministry. But first we have to squeeze in just a bit more family and friends togetherness–and can I squeeze in just a little more of that good food too?

Happy new year!

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  1. Love hearing all about your wonderful family- and food-filled Christmas. Your photos, as usual, are fabulous.

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