Peer Pressure Pays Off

nablo1109.120x90I’m in. No, not Facebook, because I don’t have time to mess with that because I have succumbed to peer pressure in another form: that of National Blog Posting Month, aka NaBloPoMo, aka WTFwasIthinking?month.

This means I do solemnly swear to post to this blog every day of November. (Quantity is job 1. Quality not guaranteed.)

I’m doing this because I feel like my blogging needs a kick in the pants–either I crank it up and get into a better flow or it’s going to continue to get pushed aside and fall off. And because if HabeshaChild, Paige, my brilliant-sister-in-law Piscis, and others I admire can do it–and if others can attempt to write a whole novel during NaNoWriMo–well, what kind of loser would I be if I didn’t give it a shot? The loserly loser kind, that’s what.

So here goes. Any requests?

12 thoughts on “Peer Pressure Pays Off

  1. tell us how your transition to Michigan life is going. are you meeting people? making bffs? finding the good peanut butter at the market?

  2. see, now every year when NaBloPoMo rolls around, I think about it but never can actually commit.

    Do you point on your hand when people ask you where you live?

    Stupidest thing you ever did as a teenager?

    Did your stroller ever come home?

    Birthday plans for JG?

    Now that you’re close, want to get together sometime?

  3. I think you folks have been had by Hallmark. Somebody has got to be making money by declaring this event.

  4. share about the similarities & differences in faith played out in the lives of those in Waldport & Holland.

    Top 5 lists of ANYTHING!

    Take a family member each day & blog about their gifts & how they have influenced you.

    What was your life like 5 years ago. How has it changed. What do you hope/expect in 5 years from now?

    what’s the most influencial sermon you’ve ever heard. How did it change you?

  5. I’m trying NoBloPoMo, but haven’t officially announced it on my blog. I’m saving it for a day that I don’t have anything else to post about. LOL!!!!

  6. i started “writing” this month too (okay, i’m not gonna lie, it was really when i came home to your lovely post – you inspired me! yay!) but it is too bad for you as it is on fb :)

    anyway, i think it would be awesome to read your writings on THE GAME (which i just lost btw – YOU WON, YOU WON!!!) and Green Bikes :)
    what was difficult and what was fun about living in Oregon and advice to ppl who just moved back to the coast :) OR returning to your home state – what it is like to reconnect with ppl you haven’t seen in a while
    how you see God moving in and through culture
    anything that is “overheard”
    top grammar mistakes (or 5 that annoy you) and the why and how to fix them
    photography tips
    social issues/inequality – health care, race, gender, class, education, sexuality, age, lookism, etc. :)
    youth/church worker advice
    embarrassing moments
    pirate jokes

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