Pin the Tail on the Hand

We are back from Oregon, and I’ll get to pictures and tales as soon as I can, but first I must show you the thing which did its best to ruin Aaron’s trip: his hand doctor’s little game of Pin the Pin on the Guy’s Hand but Leave a Whole Lot Sticking Out. Wanna see? (Too late.)


Ouch! This is his hand about a day after we got to Oregon. We’re not sure if it was because of swelling going down, or something to do with pressure on the plane, or the sadistic airport security guard who grabbed Aaron’s hand and squeezed, but this pin was sticking out about a half inch by then. Of course this made it really easy to bump, and because it was way down in there, his hand hurt like heck anytime he bumped it or moved wrong. So I had to help him put several layers of gauze pads around the pin and then get his splint back on, plus things like getting his sweatshirt on and off without pulling on it. Fortunately it did start to feel better later in the week.

We got home Monday and he was able to get in to see the hand doctor Wednesday afternoon. He claimed it hadn’t moved that much but the nurse said when she pulled it that it was one of the loosest pins she’d ever pulled–i.e., it was wiggling all over poking his poor hand insides way more than it should have been. And guess what? As soon as the awful pulling was done, GLORY HALLELUJAH, he felt 95% less pain! He put his splint on by himself and it didn’t even hurt. But now he can leave his splint off more and start moving his hand more.

Dare ye look? (Too late again.)


He is now ready to assemble some Ikea furniture.

I can’t believe they made him keep that in/sticking out of him that long. Funny thing is, it’s not even the weirdest thing in him. (I’d say that’s his ticking heart. Or his sense of humor.)

Now may his scaphoid stay strong!

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