For better or for worse, when you adopt you can never forget about it, because before you could possibly have a chance, some other piece of paperwork will be due.

Tonight I am filling in little boxes and blanks from our adoption agency to complete our annual report to Ethiopia. We have to send this until AJ is 15 years old. Supposedly this helps reassure Ethiopia that her children are doing well and adoption remains a good thing for them. I am not sure how well that is working since Ethiopia recently became a two-trip adoption country. Ugh. That about wipes out the newly refundable adoption tax credit.

Oh well. I don’t mind remembering that happy day three years ago.

One thought on “Reportedly

  1. Having done the two-trip adoption, it makes sense for the mother country. Another safety check, if you will. We had to spend a certain amount of time with Roman until we could apply for the court date. We were sure of him from the first minute, but I imagine it may help some couples… or reassure the country.

    I’m impressed you have to do reports until age 15. We did every 6 months until he was 2, and then nothing! But we do have to keep his Russian passport renewed, so I guess they keep an eye on him vicariously.

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