Safe but Not Satisfied: Group Insurance and Health Reform

We are now officially covered by a group health insurance policy once again. Can I get a WA-HOOOOOOOOO!?

The difference between this plan and the one we were so graciously allowed to go to great lengths to obtain and pay for is stunning. I didn’t mention it here because it gets into a lot of TMI territory, but my husband had a health issue come up last month that he had to get checked out with a CT scan and then a test they had to knock him out for at the hospital. On top of lingering bills from the finger smashing incident, I have a bill from the CT scan for $927. I am sure the hospital bill will be a doozy. I fully expect that what we pay out of pocket (let alone the premium) for this one month under our individual policy will be less than our out of pocket maximum for the entire year under my work plan.

Which reminds me, I have to call my elected representatives and give them a hard time. It’s been a while. They miss me. (Especially Pete.)

Because even though we are now safely ensconced in a group plan, I am not forgetting about health care reform. I am not giving up. I am not willing to wait.

Because it could be me again that needs it. It could be you. It is me and you, because my company has been struggling to deal with the ever-rising costs, and I bet you have been choking on the costs too–even if you don’t see the numbers to realize that’s where the profits went, that’s where the raises went, that’s where the donations and the tithes went, that’s where the taxes went.

Right now I feel more safe but not satisfied. Why should I feel good because I now have what others don’t? Should I just forget what it’s like to dread opening those bills just because I now have a Flex account? Should I just pretend it’s suddenly not that urgent because it’s momentarily not that urgent for me?

No. I can’t, and I won’t. The world isn’t fixed when I’m doing okay and messed up when I’m not. I refuse to let my sense of personal customer satisfaction be the only barometer for what I think this country should do for its people, because I’m far from the least of these, even on my worst day. We never had it that bad, not even when we were most scared and most frustrated; we only got a taste of the helplessness and injustice many have felt trying to battle both disease and insurance at once. But it was enough of a taste to make me say enough is enough. It’s enough to make me keep fighting.

Let’s do this thing, America. Our future needs it, starting now.

9 thoughts on “Safe but Not Satisfied: Group Insurance and Health Reform

  1. WA—Hoooooo!!! Alas, the people who feel strongly about our Constitution and Pledge need a reminder about a key point —“for all” —not for the chosen.

  2. You know, after thinking about it for 10 seconds, I probably shouldn’t have said sister. That would make our relationship pretty awkward.

  3. Could NOT agree more but I’m not sure that what Washinton is suggesting is truly workable. I would like to know more about the health scare last month…

    We discovered a week ago that we had not been renewed for this year…seems that when we dropped RII from our policy, someone “mis-read” the info and dropped ALL of us! Re-instated but no Flex account this year.

    yeah, enor. Think first.

  4. Big agree here on health care. My puny hmo has be ‘out of network’ if i am out of the county – not country – county! And that is what the powers that be cut to because it was the cheapest – not because it offered to take good care of their employees.

    I think you should send this entry to our state senators too. They have health care we would all drooooowl for!

  5. Agreed 100%. It was bad enough being without insurance for a few months after getting married… one urgent care visit and I have a $150 bill to deal with.

    It’s time to help out our fellow citizens.

  6. JoyceMom, the current bills are not perfect–and nobody likes to see how the sausage is made–but they are a huge start. I’ve read a ton on this, so if you (or anyone) has specific concerns/questions I can probably point you to an answer.

  7. RII, you should be really thankful if $150 is all you end up with. I hope you have learned and now taken the insurance from that giant Spamway corp you work for, you punk!

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