Summer in the City

House. Internship. Nanny. Short commute. Walk to church. Walk to friends.


Or pretty good, anyway, we hope.

Aaron explored a few different opportunities in Tuliptown and GR for his 10-week full-time internship this summer. His preference was to do it at our church, and they finally worked out a plan. Two days later one of his classmates asked without knowing this, “Since we’re going to be gone for our internship this summer, do you want to stay in our house that is a block and a half from church?” Oh heck yes we would! It was going to be brutal for two of us to drive 30-45 minutes each way at $4+/gal. My commute–which I am so, so over–should now be 15 minutes tops. Church–two-minute walk. And FunnyWriterMommy’s family lives only 5 houses down. Summer of love, baby!

Since AJ’s child care in Tuliptime wouldn’t make sense with us in GR, well, if you can’t bring the kid to daycare, you bring the daycare to the kid. Or something. Enter . . . Nanny McChatterbox! I swear I didn’t sabotage her other job apps so I could keep her all to myself, although don’t put it past me next summer–already she has created a star chart, made cookies, and increased AJ’s tolerance love of carrots tenfold. And most beautiful of all, most days I don’t have to get AJ up at the crack of dawn and take her with me, which means I can get out of the house more easily and with the shorter commute get to work much earlier. Without daycare pickup issues and the long drive home I can stay later and still get home earlier, and Supernanny will have dinner prep started. How am I ever going to go back from this?

Bonus: Chatterbox also likes watching The West Wing with me. We have a secret plan to fight inflation.

Meanwhile, as all this has been brewing, Aaron finished up his semester in good style and watched another group of friends graduate. We have welcomed summer with a first bonfire and spent lots of time watching the kids go back and forth on the sidewalk on each other’s bikes. AJ is going to miss another of her playground besties, and so are we. May is the best of times, the worst of times on campus…

…and Tulip Time is the best/worst time to live in Tuliptown: walking to elephant ears, good. Driving anywhere, bad. Last weekend was the big parade, which we ended up missing because it was raining anywat and Aaron had a Classis thing all day while I did AJ’s hair and packed up some things to take to the city house. Then we met up for a wedding celebration with many old and new friends and much probably ill-advised but fun dancing.

Sunday after church we had the memorial for Tim, despite it being quite cold and intermittently rainy. I remember so clearly how heartbreakingly sunny, warm, and beautiful the day was when we stood together ten years ago.

AJ broke the spell of reflectiveness by peeing her pants as we got in the car. I guess life changes.

Then we went home and packed up our stuff, emptied the fridge, and turned around and came back to GR, to stay. Although by 9:00 p.m. the lighting and storage situations had me taking back everything nice I ever said about old houses, it’s fun to be somewhere different and free of eternally beige walls. The McD kids have already been over three times in 24 hours, so AJ’s happy (except when it’s time to part). Just don’t ask me how to work the dishwasher. That’s the nanny’s job!

Viva la city, viva la summer!

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  1. YAY! I made the blog! :) Let’s please not forget that I’m also available for playdates, and I come with my own bottle of wine . . . hooray for Summer in the City!

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