The Frustrating Roller Coaster

“How’s Aaron’s eye? Are they going to do surgery or not?” Answers have varied much more than expected–and more than my emotional state could handle–over the last couple weeks.

On the 3rd the eye doctor said Aaron’s lens was “stable” where it was and so he shouldn’t have surgery. It was so stable, in fact, that it stayed where it was for four more days before shifting from the bottom of his eye over to the left side. So instead of seeing double when looking down, he started seeing it sort of pop in and out of his vision from the left. It’s not double vision but more like he has a hair in his eye that he can’t get out, and sometimes light reflects through it in funny ways. Assuming that it having moved meant it was, you know, actually not stable, we started thinking surgery again. He got squeezed in at the eye specialist’s on Monday afternoon, although he wasn’t able to see his regular doctor.

This guy said it probably had moved, but it was still not a problem to leave it where it was. Aaron said but this is really annoying in my vision. He said but surgery is risky. Aaron said you don’t understand how frustrating this is. He said you don’t understand how risky it is. He really pretty much made it his mission to scare the crap out of us as far as the idea of surgery. And it’s understandable–it’s their job to weigh the risks based on their expertise, and given Aaron’s history….  But still frustrating.

Aaron will see his usual specialist this week, but the discussion will probably be the same. The other doctor did say it’s possible the lens would completely detach and fall all the way down to the bottom of his eye where he wouldn’t see it at all, and they’d still probably leave it there. Maybe that would be less frustrating. Meanwhile please pray that stable really means stable, or if it’s going to move again it moves to the least annoying (but still retinally safe) place–and that Aaron can adapt to and accept however it’s going to be.

(That sermon on contentment really sucked!)

Now that this roller coaster of yes-no-maybe-so surgery thoughts is hopefully coming to a complete stop, we are looking ahead to seminary starting back up for Aaron and a new routine for all of us. This week is sort of the last hurrah of summer already, since orientation starts next week. I feel like I shouldn’t say it, but I think I’m ready for fall. But not winter!

4 thoughts on “The Frustrating Roller Coaster

  1. Sucky about the eye! Is Garber really old enough to know what he is doing???
    Not sure I’m ready for Fall — this summer has been amazing and I’m not ready to give it up (as for last summer – well- summer never happened in 2009!).

  2. Seminary starting with all its books and reading — and an eye that isn’t working properly. Pretty crummy situation. You seem remarkably “together” considering the stress and uncertainty of it all. I hope his regular doctor has better news. You’re in my prayers for sure.

  3. BTW, I was reading all your old blogs about when you guys adopted Anna and I think you could turn them into a book! I’m no big-shot editor or anything, but just sayin’… :-)

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