The Girl Who Cried No Brakes and Other January Tales

The very instant I clicked “new post” to start writing, AJ woke from her nap. No parent doubts the truth of this. But at least I got a few other neglected tasks done first.

We’re 30 days into this year, two weeks through the semester. Back on the 5th Aaron left for his seminary intercultural immersion trip/class. On the 6th I was this guy:

The boy who cried no brakes

Except I wasn’t playing. The truck brake line broke on my way home from work, causing the pedal to go all the way to the floor before braking, so I slid into the repair shop in the snow just before they closed. A good way to start off ten days on my own with AJ. It was okay, but ten days is definitely long. Don’t take this the wrong way, but usually I don’t miss my husband when he’s gone–by that I mean in the past he’s gone to Young Life camp or the like and it’s been fine; a week at most, and I knew he was doing something he wants to do and will enjoy. Working and parenting ten days while not really knowing what he was doing but knowing he didn’t want to be doing it was . . . LONG.

His trip was in many ways better than he expected it to be, though (not that that’s saying much). They went to the Tuscon, AZ/Nogales, Mex area and learned about border issues largely by visiting ministries and talking to people on both sides of the border. (I knew they were in Mexico the day of the shootings in Tuscon, so no real worry about that, and I did get to talk to him a few times.)

Then Aaron’s new semester started only two days after he got back. His classes this semester are getting a bit more pastoring-focused, like counseling and a preaching class. He did decide to drop a class that seemed to have 4 credits’ worth of work for 1.5 credits. It always takes a few weeks to get into the flow of a new schedule.

I should be quite busy at work for the next couple of months with a heavy editing load (for me and our whole department). It’s been an interesting few months. Hopefully it will continue to be. (“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…”) As for commuting in the snow, yeah, the thrill is gone, though my fantastic new Bogs boots at least kept my feet the warmest part of me during our recent subzero spell. Only four six eight weeks a couple months till spring…

As of this weekend, my Christmas decorations are down and I have completed a blog post. Wow. There you have it: January, accomplished.

2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Cried No Brakes and Other January Tales

  1. Glad to hear the brake issue was not more of a problem!
    Just so you know, you’ve got us beat in the Christmas decorations department. It just doesn’t feel like February if there aren’t still Christmas lights on our mantel.

  2. You can ALWAYS call us if you need help — we’ll find a way!
    Hope you are NOT driving the next few days…..
    and.. Thanks for keeping my son and grand-daughter safe and happy — I really should say that more often! Love to you and the others.

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