Tortillas, You Come Down!

A few weeks ago at church AJ learned about Zachaeus in kids’ church, which is to say she glued him onto a paper tree and learned the song. She really liked it–especially the yelling “You come down!” part.

One evening soon thereafter I took her to the store with me (which I am thankful to have to do less often nowadays) so she could “help” and I could look like I was talking to someone rather than mumbling crazily to myself about what I was forgetting and how gross the tomatoes look and how coffee is never on sale anymore. I noticed the tortillas right in front of me just as I remembered we needed them and exclaimed victoriously, “Tortillas!

And AJ began to sing:

Tortillas was a wee little man

A wee little man was he . . .

Tortillas, Zacchaeus . . . they do sound rather alike.

2 thoughts on “Tortillas, You Come Down!

  1. Just proof that Mexican food is God-ordained!

    Around here, it’s “Zacchaeus, you come down to my stinky toes right now!”

    Whatever. 3 yr olds are funny little people!

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