Urgent Care Is Neither Urgent Nor Caring: Discuss

Saturday, 10:50 p.m.: Home from friends’ and 3-year-old finally in bed. College friend Chatterbox is spending the night again.

Sunday, 6:45 a.m.: Wakeup process starts.

9:30 a.m.: Church

11:30 a.m.: We brunch hard with an old friend/former student and her husband, visiting from TN.

1:00 p.m.: Discover Chatterbox can’t get back into her dorm until 3:00 p.m. Decide to take her to Aaron’s parents, who live just a mile away, to hang out until then.

1:15 p.m.: Chatterbox: “Why is he running in the house so weird?” Me: “I guess so the roof overhangs don’t drip rain on him?”

1:17 p.m.: Chatterbox, returning to car: “He cut his hand. He just said to get you.”

1:21 p.m.: Leave daughter and Chatterbox at Grandma’s, drive to nearby Urgent Care with my husband writhing and clutching his bloody left hand. He shut the truck door on his ring finger and sliced it open. And oh yeah, he’s on BLOOD THINNERS, which means he bleeds like a CSI extra when he gets so much as a papercut.

1:28 Arrive at Urgent Care. Scare the rest of waiting room.

1:45 See first nurse. Still bleeding.

1:55 Move to another room. Doctor thinks Aaron is close to passing out when walking, helps him get to room and lay down. He should really be paying attention to me, the World’s Greatest Fainter. But I pulled myself together. Aaron is given Tylenol. Because that’s what you get when you say your pain is a 50 out of 10.

2:05 Move to another room. Doctor-esque woman examines, consults with other doctor. Still bleeding.

2:45 FINALLY real pain meds, two painful shots in the finger that do mercifully numb the entire finger completely.

3:05 Go to another room for an x-ray.

3:30 Told the tip of his finger is fractured but they don’t do anything for that. Doctoresque woman cauterizes his nail to get blood out from underneath and relieve pressure. She and other doctor can now see under nail. Consult in hall. Tell us we have to go to the hospital because they will have to take the nail off to stitch it up underneath and he will bleed a lot. In fact, still bleeding.ifyoulikeityoushouldaputgauzeonit

4:00 Finger gauzed up to go (but oh, by the way, still bleeding). Glad we had fancy new phones to play with during this ordeal!

4:30 Arrive at hospital, check into ER

4:35 Seen by nurse.

4:50 Seen by doctor-esque guy. “I don’t think it’s actually fractured. Maybe, but you can’t really tell from the x-ray. I’m just gonna fix this up for you.”

5:00 Doctor is cutting, stitching, sewing–we don’t know, we couldn’t look. He said he put in about six (tiny) stitches. The nail is sewed back on just to cover the wound. Aaron has to see a hand doctor later this week to make sure it all looks good.

5:30 Leave hospital.

6:00 Pick up AJ from her unexpected long play day with Grandma!

6:25 Find open pharmacy, drop off prescriptions.

6:35 Hot and ready pizza, what an invention!

6:45 Pick up prescriptions, head home with overtired three-year-old whining she wants to watch the movie I said we’d watch when we were home and Aaron was studying (ha ha ha how’d that work out?).

7:45 Arrive home.

8:15 Exhausted child in bed. Food in me. Steelers on TV. Ahhhhh.

So if you’re keeping score at home that’s 2 care centers, 6 exam rooms, 4 doctors, 6 stitches . . . and as soon as the numbing wears off, a whole lotta Vicodin.


Note on this post title: Okay, the Urgent Care people were caring. Urgent, meh, not so much.

11 thoughts on “Urgent Care Is Neither Urgent Nor Caring: Discuss

  1. Ow, poor you for looking at icky parts of your husband all day. Oh wait, I mean poor Aaron. I hope it was a non-significant finger in the scheme of things… :)

  2. I know, he always does this too poor me, doesn’t he? šŸ˜‰ But it’s not like I did look for more than a second, because I would have been on the floor.
    Hopefully all it will affect (well, besides hurting!) is his typing for a while. Alas he has to do a lot of typing this week.

  3. umm, aren’t you an editor that might help with the typing??? Just a thought…
    Yep – that’s a caring spot, not so good at urgency unless you arrive with heart attack or stroke sypmtoms — then they are ‘johnny n the spot’, seen them in action. And they ALWAYS recommend a “specialist” — I still haven’t bothered with the hand specialist they wanted me to check in with.
    I truely enjoyed my afternoon with both the Chatterbox and AJ. Once she ‘warmed up’ to me, the Chatterbox kept, er, chattering. She now has my phone number for whatever form of respite college freshman may need.
    And as for AJ — she is perfecting the fine art of chattering very well. Took about an hour to regain my ‘translation’ skills… and the dog and the kitty slept very well, very soon for a very long time! (So did Grandma!)

  4. Good for you trying to save the system money and prevent crowded ERs by going to urgent care first, instead of the ER. Pretty frightening that Aaron’s non-stop bleeding wasn’t taken more seriously there.

    I think urgent care centers were developed to handle more routine health care cases on a walk-in basis — and keep such cases out of the ER. I’ll bet they hardly ever see frighteningly urgent cases. You’d have thought they would have immediately sent Aaron to the ER when the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

  5. So sorry that the truck bit Aaron so seriously! So glad that you didn’t faint, and glad that Aaron looks fine and happy and all :) Hope he heals up fine!!!

  6. Makes a night of playing cards seem really boring after all that! Let Aaron know that we are thinking about him! I know all about the blood-thinner issue and it makes everything worse in a situation like that…

    Poor Aaron…thinking of you guys!

  7. I just about passed out reading this post. *bleh* Glad you got to see somebody with a medical degree. eventually.

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