Week 3 in Review

Week 3 of school drawing to a close. It was kind of a weird one, with Aaron having extra meetings and things. AJ went to my parents’ for the night again on Wednesday, increasing the number of times she’s done that by 100 percent. Last night we had dinner with our new pastor and his wife before Aaron went to a church meeting and I went to pick up AJ. Aaron is starting to find some direction for his internship which is good since the school didn’t give him much.

I have been busy with work and also chasing new work possibilities around campus. I apparently just missed an opportunity to work for the seminary’s writing center but may be able to in the future. Meanwhile I am working on getting my name spread around for doctorate students and others who may need editing help that the writing center can’t give. The nearby undergrad college may prove fruitful as well (that is, if any of the students have any money–hmm). I feel good about this and yet as a freelancer I can’t bill anybody for this time spent making my job sustainable. It’s necessary but it takes time that could/should be spent doing paying work. The freelancer’s eternal dilemma.

Tonight we attempted to see the African Children’s Choir at the college chapel, but it was truly overrun by the crowd. We were sweating like mad in the balcony and couldn’t see, so we bailed out after a couple songs. Fortunately, we had already made it to see them at a different church last week.

Tomorrow morning we are going apple picking, hooray!

One thought on “Week 3 in Review

  1. It sounds like you’re finding a rhythm, and perhaps some balance to your days–hooray!

    and the sleepover arrangements? what a gift, for all parties.

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