Words from (and for) a PT Veteran

My grandfather served on a PT boat during WWII. A few years ago my mother asked my grandfather to write up some of his stories, and last year she had copies of A PT Sailor’s Story spiral bound for all of us. A few of his concluding words:

Our Squadron 7 was composed of some pretty good men. Their record was 132 sinkings, 3 probable, 111 damaged; fuel and ammo dumps destroyed. Eleven men were killed; 24 were wounded; 1 boat was lost to enemy gunfire. . . . Many are gone now, but there have not been many days since our war time experience that I have not thought of those times.

Generally I would rather not think too much about war and the military, because they are uncomfortable to me. But we can’t forget. My grandfather has not forgotten. And he is proud–I have a fresh memory of him just a few weeks ago telling Aaron about his tattered flag displayed in their home. And we are proud of him. Because of him and others, we have an amazing America for his great-grandkids to grow up in.

Thank you for your service, Papa. (I know you’re reading this, which is pretty awesome!)

Thank you to all who have served, and to their families.

2 thoughts on “Words from (and for) a PT Veteran

  1. Thank you for this post Wendy, because all the men and women in service deserve a salute, especially those of the “greatest generation.”

  2. Thanks Wendy. This meant a lot to him, and he has commented several times about his and Aaron’s talk about the flag. Papa had a great time Friday at the Veteran’s Day event – so important for him to be able to talk about those guys who were his fraternity.

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