Work-at-Home Parenting: A Quiz

Imagine you had a very large and important work project requiring great concentration and you also had an almost-three-year-old at home. Would your child:

(a) be sweet and fun for the friend who kindly helped with babysitting

(b) go on a two-day nap strike, complete with hours of wailing

(c) pee on the couch

(d) all of the above

I think anyone who works at home knows the correct answer.

3 thoughts on “Work-at-Home Parenting: A Quiz

  1. umm, I know that answer all too well. A & T had a bad habit of getting sick — measles, chicken pox, flu, ear-aches — right when I needed to write a major paper, study for a mid-term or final. It never happened at a routine time…

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