• we are still here (Tuliptown)
  • AJ loves school, of course
  • Aaron, not so much, since he is buried in 17 credits
  • we anticipate busy days ahead for my dept. at work
  • I’m going to be an aunt again
  • my grandma’s not doing well
  • AJ started up speech therapy again but will probably be done soon because she’s doing so well
  • Aaron has his ministerial profile done, so technically he is looking for a job (not that he has time for such pursuits right now)
  • how about dem LIONS?!
  • commuting and braiding hair are the story of my life
  • I’m thankful my husband picks up AJ and starts/makes dinner every day, or we’d be done for!
  • only 10 weeks till Christmas break!

2 thoughts on “Yes…

  1. Glad for the update – always look forward to new pics. Thought you were a pro at the braiding thing by now. Look forward to seeing you this winter!

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